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Paddling During a PandemicIt’s not just you, the individual, we need to worry about. It’s the entire paddling community. It’s everyone else. The people we interact with, the places we go, the things we touch and the impression we leave on the world around us.


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My Name is Jessie Sterling

Hello, my name is Jessie Sterling and I am a whitewater kayaking addict. Like any good addict when someone told me that there was a way for

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Roger Amsden | Laconia Daily Sun FRANKLIN — First Day Franklin will go on as usual on New Year's Day, but ice which has formed in the lower part of the Winnipesaukee River near the downtown area will likely bring far fewer kayaks than usual to that part of the river.Dan Darling of Choose Franklin says that thanks to the efforts of Marty Parichand, owner of the Outdoor New England store in Franklin, and Ken Norton of the Merrimack Valley Paddlers and the state of New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, there will be a water release to increase river...

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Jair Cruikshank I have come to realize that every paddler paddles for a different reason.  Some are adrenaline junkies, some paddle for friends or a special someone, others like the fact that rivers bring them to places they wouldn't normally see, and some get addicted to the challenge.  The list goes on and every paddler has a similar yet unique set of reasons for why they paddle.  I for one paddle for the reasons above, but also because it is meditative for me.  I love to hear the sound of the rushing water and feel its power as it glides...

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    This past weekend, I participated in an ACA Certification Course on the Winnipesaukee River. The outing clubs of both the University of Vermont and the University of Massachusetts were well represented with solid boaters.   The course was taught by Dave Su, accomplished whitewater aficionado and experienced teacher. His educational impact on the New England community is measured in the tens of thousands and with good reason.   It was nothing short of an eye opening experience. The course's objective is to teach paddlers to become ACA Instructors. The curriculum includes, but is not limited to, proper technique...

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