Your OLD Gear...

We have both Consignment & Trade In Programs waiting for you... 


It starts with you bringing your old and tired gear to the shop. Collectively, we determine what your products could sell for. This is the new sale price for the products. We will continually try to move your gear for 10 weeks.

When your it sells, you choose between the following:

  • In-Store Credit equal to 90% of the sale price. Yes 90%. To break it down further here is an example... Your kayak sells for $500, then you the seller, will receive in-store credit equal to $450.​
  • Cash equal to 60% of the sale. Example... Your kayak sells for $200, we write you a check for $120.


​This program is gives you immediate in-store credit for your gear. 

​Working together we will develop a fair Trade-In value for your goods. As soon as an agreement is reached, you receive In-Store Credit equal to the Trade-In value agreed upon. Basically, you arrive with old gear and leave with a gift card or new gear, apparel or a booked adventure.