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Rent with ONE
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  • Quality gear we can deliver right to you. Outdoor New England sets the standard for outdoor adventure with top-notch gear available for rentals – the very same quality products showcased in our retail store. We believe in providing the best quality equipment to ensure an unparalleled experience on your trips. Explore the outdoors with confidence, relying on premium gear that maximizes your enjoyment and comfort. Elevate your adventures with Outdoor New England's commitment to excellence in equipment quality.
Have Questions about rentals?


Do you deliver?

Yes! We do deliver for a fee. Deliveries to Griffin and Lagacee beach in Franklin are $5, Deliveries to Highland Lake are $10. We can deliver to other locations; you will have to call the shop for a quote - 603-671-7028

What's included?

Our rentals include the item you rented, SUP, Kayak, Canoe etc. paddles, and life jackets.

When do I have to return a day rental?

When someone rents with us for a day or multi day the rental is then returned the next day at the time you rented. I.E. a rental that starts at 9am on Saturday would be returned at 9am Sunday.

Is there a discount if I rent for multiple days?

We do a teared system, the longer you rent an item the cheaper it is in the long run.

Testimonials Testimonials


Mountain Bike Rental

I made online reservations for two bicycles for the next
day, and when I arrived the bikes and helmets were ready to go. People were friendly and eager to make our rental easy. They showed us various bike paths that we could take using a map. The trails are beautiful and easy to follow. Very friendly folks! Prices
very reasonable. Highly recommended. 



Outdoor New England Rentals

Very pleasant staff. Knowledgeable about products and suggesting what equipment will work best for your needs. Pick up or shuttle service available for rentals. A++



Shop Equipment

I would highly recommend this shop for outdoor sports
equipment. They also provide rentals and instruction. 



Outdoor New England Rentals

From start to finish the staff at ONE was excellent. Friendly, knowledgeable
and very efficient. We had a great day on the lake!



Outdoor New England Rentals

Very friendly, delivered on time. Easy to set-up drop off and pick up.



Shop Equipment

What a great shop!!!! Wonderful people, accommodating, chock full of biking and kayaking knowledge and recommendations. And the pizza place next door, Vulgar, was perfect for brews and some of the best pizza I've had in a long time.