Whitewater Lessons
Whitewater Lessons
  • Whitewater Lessons

  • Discover personalized whitewater lessons at Outdoor New England, meticulously crafted for every skill level and individual. Our expert instructors, enriched by extensive self-travel and training experiences, ensure a comprehensive learning environment. Explore the upper Winni's class I-II river section which is great for a beginner's learning experience and the challenge of the lower Winni's class III-IV section, both conveniently located within a 20-minute drive from downtown Franklin, NH. Benefit from walkable features for targeted practice in an adventure-packed setting. Elevate your whitewater skills with us for an unforgettable and skill-enhancing experience.


What to know


What should I bring?

If you have your own gear, it is highly recommended but if you need gear for your lesson, we can definitely provide it. You will want to bring a change of clothes, water, depending on the weather you will want to bring appropriate paddle gear i.e.. winter dry suits, gloves ect.

Where do I meet you?

Most lessons will meet at the shop, some will meet elsewhere which will be specified on the booking confirmation and in the description when you are booking. You will also be sent a reminder of the booking, what the lesson is, the date, time, and location with the google map address.

Do I need to have any whitewater experience?

Nope! For our beginner lessons, roll/pool sessions and gripper to ripper program you don't need to know anything about whitewater. We will go over the basics and get you comfortable in a boat!