Service Department

 Since opening our doors, the retail store has tried to support brands with lifetime warranties. These manufacturer's (Patagonia, Darn Tough Vermont, Yak Attack, to

name a few) policies and philosophies help to curtail their products from ending up in the landfill. 

At Outdoor New England, we believe in that ideology, as well. That is why, we do our best to repair as much as we can. We believe your gear should last. However sometimes, your tired boat or bike doesn't agree!


Dry Gear 

Latex Gasket Repair and seam repair have been a staple activity in the winter months, since we opened the doors. It is an easy way to prolong the life of your suits and your season.  

Feel free to call, drop off, or mail your suit to us at the below address. It is always helpful to include your full name, phone number, return address and a brief message about your desires for the suit or top. 

Outdoor New England
376 Central Street
Franklin, NH 03235 

Kayak Repairs & Retrofits

We've seen worn or cracked boats and boats set on fire (I know, right).  It is unfortunate, but a good kayak weld can keep your boat going long after it quits on you. 

We also install anchor systems and electronics on shiny new fishing kayaks. Those are most certainly different markets, but  is quite a different market, but the crazy part is that we can do all of those things under ONE roof (no pun intended). 

Before bringing your kayak to the shop, please reach out so we can chat about the kayak to ensure we can meet your expectations. We will want to know the manufacturer and the model of your kayak, so we can figure out the right kind of plastic to use or the appropriate outfitting accessories. 

Inflatable Repairs

The local fire departments trust us to fix their emergency response rafts and inflatable crafts. Perhaps, you should too. 

Outdoor New England is a NRS approved repair facility, as such, we can patch rafts, stand-up paddleboards and fix valves of all shapes and sizes. If you have an issue, please feel free to give us a shout.


With easy access from the Northern Rail Trail and the Winnipesaukee River Trail, we are uniquely positioned to help with your bike needs. Our bike mechanics can get you sorted and back on the road quick. 

We specialize in light repairs; bike builds, tunings, fix a flats, bike box builds, safety checks, and cleanings.

If we can help come on down or give us a call!