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Paddling During a PandemicIt’s not just you, the individual, we need to worry about. It’s the entire paddling community. It’s everyone else. The people we interact with, the places we go, the things we touch and the impression we leave on the world around us.


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My Name is Jessie Sterling

Hello, my name is Jessie Sterling and I am a whitewater kayaking addict. Like any good addict when someone told me that there was a way for

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Elodie Reed | Concord Monitor Splashing in icy river water on a chilly winter day isn’t necessarily a popular way to attract people to a place. But in Franklin, it works. It’s done the trick for the last 35 New Year’s Days, when kayakers, rafters and bundled-up spectators have gathered along Winnipesaukee River to carry out the city’s “First Day” paddling tradition. “It kind of sets Franklin apart,” said Choose Franklin board member and First Day organize New Hampton resident and Franklin Service Credit Union employee Kathy Horgan said that while whitewater rapids have been few and far between this...

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