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Blog | NH Small Business Development Center Some potential small business owners come to NH SBDC with one business idea and it can be a pretty fuzzy one at that. One of the roles of the NH SBDC business advisor is to help them get clearer on what they want to do, and then guide them toward the resources that will help them do it. With Marty Parichand, however, the advisor’s challenge was a little different.  This client had an abundance of ideas combined with an abundance of energy, and the background and skills to back up his ambitious plans....

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Elodie Reed | Concord Monitor On a hot weekday, Marty Parichand nonchalantly strolled alongside a local carwash. He passed some concrete barriers and a “no camping” sign. As he tromped into an overgrown, litter-covered trailhead, he dove into his vision for a new outdoor adventure park. Parichand, who runs Outdoor New England in Franklin, wants to take a city-owned tract of land along the Winnipesaukee River and transform it into a central attraction and economic hub. He hopes to install whitewater paddling amenities, a mountain bike pump track, a community garden and an “eco-village” campsite, plus event space. “The idea...

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Elodie Reed | Concord Monitor Splashing in icy river water on a chilly winter day isn’t necessarily a popular way to attract people to a place. But in Franklin, it works. It’s done the trick for the last 35 New Year’s Days, when kayakers, rafters and bundled-up spectators have gathered along Winnipesaukee River to carry out the city’s “First Day” paddling tradition. “It kind of sets Franklin apart,” said Choose Franklin board member and First Day organize New Hampton resident and Franklin Service Credit Union employee Kathy Horgan said that while whitewater rapids have been few and far between this...

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