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  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

    If you've been tuned in for awhile, you know, that Franklin has a whitewater recreational release, which prompts an influx of paddlers from New England to test their skill in...
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  • Mutual Partners

    In everything we do at ONE (or really any Franklin based activity) it's not just about offering certain brands, doing certain projects, or pushing products to a faceless customer. We...
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  • Proud of Patagonia.

    Proud of Patagonia.

    As a new business, I can honestly say things change. Most of the time, they change very quickly. What doesn't change as fast is my...

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  • First Day 2016

    First Day 2016

    TODAY OUTDOOR NEW ENGLAND OPENED, it's doors to the City, Merrimack Valley Paddlers, the public, and whitewater enthusiasts alike. It was a blast! We had delicious free beer from Franklin's...
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