20 Years of Paddling & Friendship

We’ve been all over... Maine to Washington, New York to Costa Rica, and a bunch of places in between. We certainly have had a lot of laughs and done a bunch of things we’re proud of - whitewater trips, international travel, promotions and family developments. And obviously, we’ve done some others that we aren’t proud of! I'm sorry, we will keep those between us.

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I’m talking about Outdoor New England's programming director.... Dominic Capozzi. He writes poetry, enjoys sunsets, likes to paddle and bike. He is a self-proclaimed “Master Rigger," whatever that means. Most importantly, Dom, Dommy, or as I like to call him, Dombo is one of my longest friends.

About 20 years ago, Dom and I started our whitewater rafting history at Crab Apple Whitewater in western New England (for which I started first - shameless seniority plug). Right away, we clicked. Since then the stories and excursions have racked up… 30 days in Costa Rica with our friend, Steph Stevens. A hilarious tale regarding our last $80. A narrative involving persuasion that led to flipping a car. Once upon a time, we painted things pink. Many times we've slept in vehicles, unless we blow a tire, or two, or three... I mean four.

Even though we have a colorful history, our biggest journey to date, is fulfilling a lifelong dream of working together at an outdoor outfitter, again. Our chemistry pushing rubber (aka whitewater raft guiding) is undeniable. In those moments, we are at our absolute best.

Dom’s first day at Outdoor New England was on July 1st. Since then, he has made significant contributions in the shop, with customers, made new friends and positively impacted our community, which he now calls home.

If you see him on the bike, in the boat, or in the shop, make sure to say hi to my good friend, Dombo!

Welcome Man. I'm so thankful and grateful you are here.

As always, I can't wait to get on the water together, again.

P.S. If two legged creatures aren't your thing... With Dom came Hudson, Outdoor New England's newest shop dog, came say hi to him instead!