Need help deciding what whitewater kayak is best for you?

Need help deciding what whitewater kayak is best for you?

Some factors to think about when buying a kayak:

What is your primary goal? Are you looking for a kayak to play in a wave, run rivers, or go off some gnarly waterfalls?

Venturing into the exhilarating realm of whitewater kayaking opens up a world of excitement, and in the scenic landscape of New England and beyond, the options are as diverse as the rivers themselves. But before you dive in, it’s essential to understand the different types of whitewater kayaks tailored for specific adventures. Choosing the perfect kayak can make all the difference in your experience. Let’s take a closer look at the types best suited for your whitewater needs.

River Runners: The Versatile Choice, In the realm of whitewater kayaking, River Runners reign supreme as the all-purpose, versatile option. Crafted to tackle the diverse conditions found in New England's rivers and beyond, these kayaks boast a balanced blend of maneuverability and stability. With a moderate rocker and a well-honed chine, River Runners excel in navigating everything from meandering flatwater stretches to Class III rapids. If you're seeking a kayak that can effortlessly adapt to varying conditions, River Runners are your go-to choice.

Creek Boats: Designed with precision engineering. Creek Boats boast distinct features tailored to the demands of New England's dynamic rivers. Their pronounced rocker facilitates swift maneuverability, allowing paddlers to deftly navigate through the intricate twists and turns of technical creek runs. The rounded hull design ensures seamless passage over rocky terrain, enabling kayakers to glide effortlessly over obstacles with unparalleled stability and buoyancy.

Playboat: Crafted for the daring at heart, Playboats boast a compact, yet powerful design optimized for exploiting every ripple and wave on the river. Their shorter length and reduced volume enhance responsiveness, while an aggressive rocker profile enables swift maneuvering and precise control in the most challenging environments. However, these high-performance marvels aren't designed for leisurely river cruises. Playboats thrive on the edge, thriving in the pulsating energy of specific river features to unleash a symphony of tricks and stunts. For the adrenaline aficionado seeking to push the boundaries of kayak mastery, the Playboat offers an electrifying ticket to an experience beyond imagination.


Other Considerations if you already know what type of kayak you want:

Size: The size of a whitewater kayak (Small, Medium, Large) is all based on your weight and height. Each type of kayak will have a different range that we can help you figure out! Feel free to give us a call at the Outdoor New England at any point with questions.


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