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Onewheel GT

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GT is the most advanced Onewheel ever. It is a highly integrated piece of boardsport technology.

Higher voltage for more power, torque and dynamic performance at all speeds. Welcome to that 3 horsepower life. With up to 32mi/52km on a single charge riding a full day without a recharge is now a thing. Concave footpads, grippier grip tape, and a custom tire profile combine for even deeper carving and more boardfeel. Let er’ rip!

  •  TOP SPEED - 20 mph

  • RANGE - 20-32 mi

  •  Intelligent Led Lighting. Intuitive lighting front and back that switches direction when you do. Highbeams for maximum light output.

  •  Concave Footpads - A breakthrough in rideability with concave on both footpads for comfort and control.

  •  Hypercore Motor - Custom motor provides loads of torque and power across the power band.

  •  Custom Tire - Profile-optimized for carving and boardfeel.

  •  Grippier Griptape - Your shoes are going to get up close and personal with this chunky grip.

  •  Maximum Range Battery - 21700 battery system provides up to 32 miles per charge.