Kayak Deliveries

For most industries, shipping is fairly consistent and affordable. In this day and age, often times shipping can be free to get  a sale. However, this industry isn't. 

Since the first day you could purchase a kayak online, shipping kayaks has been expensive. In an effort to save money, both for the customer and for us (FYI - most kayak companies subsidize the shipping of boats around the country), we've come up with a kayak delivery program. 

Our ONE Logistics Team will personally delivery your boat! 

We believe that this will help, build relationships and make costly shipments more affordable for everyone.

Kayak deliveries are based off preselected routes, destinations and schedules. Our crew will build the routes around paying customers, hence, first come first serve. However, we will do our best to be flexible and help as many people as we can. All kayak deliveries will depart from our home in Franklin, New Hampshire and we will deliver on our way to each final destination, and back, if applicable.



    End of June 2024

    • Headed to American Whitewater's Deerfield River Festival. Leaving New Hampshire headed to Massachusetts. Delivering on our way there and back.

    September 2024

    • Headed to American Whitewater's Gauley Fest. Leaving New Hampshire headed to West Virginia. Delivering on our way there and back.
    • Headed to Beaver River RendezvousLeaving New Hampshire headed to New York. Delivering on our way there and back.

    Email or call for accurate pricing for each trip.


    Want to join the ONE Logistics Team?

    In this post-covid era, freight shipments have been harder to schedule and cost  more, while products have never been sought after more. In an effort to save customer's money and get them what they need, we have implemented a grass roots shipping program. 

    Our Outdoor New England Logistics Team are transient folks that go paddling all over the country. We've tried to catalog those trips to ensure we can help them with their gas money and help you get the boat you want, quite a bit cheaper. 

    If you are interested in joining the Logistics Team fill this out.