"Something to be proud of."

My childhood summer weekends were spent either playing baseball, or working on baseball fields. I remember a host of characters who banded together when "the thing" had to get done. I vividly remember those volunteers, because they were usually, the same people each and every time.

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Yesterday, a group of 11 people did "the thing" that needed to be done. 

The thing was Vulgar Brewing Company’s patio. It was a long day, with donated material, donated equipment, and lots and lots of volunteer labor. We all busted our butts (mine is definitely sore today) and improved the community in which we live and play. The primary use of the space will be for customers to enjoy a pint in the sunshine. However, the patio will also be utilized by the city for community events in the park.

Reflecting about the experience, a few themes stand out...

My children are now having the experiences I had as a child. My son wasn't a huge help yesterday, but he was extremely focused in building his own rapids, and city in an adjacent "sand box." My daughter balanced giggling with working hard, under Mr. Morrill’s tutelage all day long. I’m very thankful that they were able to witness and be a part of change.

In 2018, Franklin was voted as the state's Most Promising Downtown Development. Huge projects are in the works here. This mosaic of projects will improve every facet of the city. However today, for me, I feel the greatest sense of accomplishment when working with others to do "the thing" that needs doing, and as Timmy said over and over, that is "something to be proud of."