On a very cold winter day over 2 years ago, a group of us pried open a chain link fence, and carefully climbed a tired and overused step ladder to gain access to the "red corner." Essentially, it was a glorified storage unit with genky utilities, no lighting, and water seeping through the roof and wood that attempted to board up the windows. There was an old dentist chair, remnants of the old horse barn, a massive steam boiler that might never have been used, and a host of debris. Obviously, a super pleasant place to be.

To our knowledge the last business that utilized the space was the city dentist 12+ years ago. The destruction of the brick, and creation of the red corner was a result of a tragic car accident, many years ago. Through some initial research, I've been unable to place a date and time to the accident.

The space and the odd things inside it were lost to time. The space was too old, too narrow, too decrepit, not enough light, the cost of the deferred maintenance was too great. Perhaps some would say this is also the narrative of Franklin.

That narrative might have some truth in terms of Franklin's past, but certainly not it's future.

Saturday, Vulgar Brewing Company opens in the red corner... and it is absolutely stunning! As great as the space is, the beer and food are wayyy better!

Those people who saw the space in all of its glory... they are the owners of Vulgar Brewing Company!

Hey Franklin, your future is only limited by your imagination. Cheers!

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