Local Fishing Spots

Local Fishing Spots

Discover the Best Fishing Spots in New Hampshire for a Memorable Angling Experience

Embark on a fishing adventure in the scenic state of New Hampshire, where a diverse range of waterways awaits avid anglers. From quaint lakes to meandering rivers, the Granite State offers a plethora of options for a memorable fishing experience. Join us as we explore some of the local favorite fishing spots, providing valuable insights for your next angling expedition.

Webster Lake, Franklin: Nestled in Franklin, NH, Webster Lake emerges as a hidden gem for fishing enthusiasts. Boasting a smaller size, this lake is conveniently located near downtown, offering access to fantastic eateries and local breweries. With public boat launches and two inviting beaches—Lagacy Beach and Griffin Beach—Webster Lake is a haven for anglers. The lake is regularly stocked with trout, creating an ideal habitat for smallmouth bass. During winter, the lake transforms into a captivating sight for ice fishing, featuring opportunities to catch smallmouth bass, perch, and pickerel. Kayak fishing is particularly enjoyable here due to the minimal motorboat traffic, providing a serene environment for anglers to set up and fish.

Merrimack River, Downtown Franklin – Boscawen Boat Ramp: For a tranquil fishing experience, head to the Merrimack River, accessible from the Boat Ramp in Downtown Franklin right behind the Franklin High School. Launch your kayak or raft and explore the upstream area towards the dam, known for its excellent fishing spots. Downstream from the boat ramp is the convergence point where the Winni River meets the Pemi River forms the Merrimack River, offering a wild and scenic stretch for anglers. Abundant in smallmouth bass, trout, salmon, and various other species, this secluded section of the river features deep pools, meandering currents, and diverse structures—ideal for a full-day fishing excursion. The takeout for this section is at the Boscawen boat ramp in Boscawen which is about a 7-river mile stretch from start to finish.

Upper Winni, Tilton: The Upper Winni River, originating from the Shaker Street Boat Ramp, beckons anglers with its two fishable sections—upriver and downriver. The upriver section showcases slow, almost motionless currents in a marshy area with ample structure, suitable for powerboats, kayaks, or rafts. Anglers can expect smallmouth bass, perch, and sunfish in this serene environment. Heading downriver from the Shaker Boat Ramp towards downtown Tilton unveils a remarkable river float fishing trip, with the possibility of catching sizable smallmouth bass in deep pools with rocky structures. The abundance of wildlife enhances the overall fishing experience in this picturesque stretch. The takeout for this section is at Riverfront Park which has a dirt parking lot off Gibbson Mill Rd.

Middle Winni, Tilton to Cross Mill Rd.: Renowned as the best smallmouth fishing spot in the greater area, the Middle Winni River offers a unique and rewarding angling experience. Access may be challenging, with shore fishing nearly impossible, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Floating down the river in a lighter craft is recommended, as this section boasts a quiet ambiance with an abundance of fish. Anglers often report catching upwards of 30 fish in just a few hours, with smallmouth bass commonly exceeding 3 lbs. The mix of light rapids, meandering pools, deep drop-offs, and large boulders makes it an ideal spot for fishing kayaks, canoes, or rafts. Keep in mind that this remote section requires anglers to spend the entire trip away from amenities, promising a truly immersive fishing experience.

New Hampshire's fishing spots offer a diverse range of environments, ensuring anglers can tailor their experience to suit their preferences. Whether you prefer the tranquility of Webster Lake, the mellow waters of the Merrimack River, the scenic Upper Winni, or the remote charm of Middle Winni, each spot promises a unique and rewarding angling adventure. Plan your next fishing excursion in the Granite State, where nature and fishing enthusiasts come together for an unforgettable experience.