My first job out of college was an engineering position at a major corporation. I received a strong referral from a high level executive that went whitewater rafting with me.

Eight years later, I was definitely “broken in” to corporate life and living what I thought was my only reality. I had a family I cherished and received a substantial promotion at work, in which I was the youngest person by almost ten years leading programs & projects. In my mind, this was validation for a "good life." I worked hard, kept my nose to the grindstone and proved myself as an asset to the company. However, the consequences of such dedication were neglect to the other areas of my life that I valued and that made me me. My “success” was a fallacy. It took substantial change in my world to promote growth and the need for action.


My passion is paddling. It has been since the first time I rafted as a customer. It then adapted as I progressed. First as an extremely novice kayaker, to a raft guide, then on to a kayaker who is “in between swims.” As a New England paddler, I cherished the early education in rolling I received from then Suncook River Canoe & Kayak, as well as, the Merrimack Valley Paddlers, who continue to support local paddlers.

However, in comparison to states branded as outdoor destinations such as Colorado or North Carolina, New England has far less support and services. A quick query of your friends will confirm this, when asked if they have purchased gear outside of New England.

Millions of visitors come to our mountains, our beaches, and our environmental destinations. We at Outdoor New England believe you need to take your fun seriously. This is the first step of a multiphase approach to support your outdoor adventures and to help you take your fun seriously. 

Lets get outside New England!

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