Mayor Pete swings by Outdoor New England

Last Saturday, Mayor Pete, democratic presidential candidate stopped in to Outdoor New England to chit chat with Marty. They discussed whitewater parks, community development and leadership.

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Pictures from DJ Judd.

Here is an excerpt from the Daily Beast;
At stop after stop, dressed in his standard uniform of “Guy On the Dance Floor At A Wedding Reception,” Buttigieg returned to his own experiences as native son-turned-mayor of South Bend, Indiana, another city that people wrote off as dead in the water following the closure of the Studebaker automotive plant in the 1960s.

“Reminds me of home,” Buttigieg told Marty Parichand, owner of sporting goods store Outdoor New England, as he surveyed plans for a whitewater park similar in Franklin. The city, which ranks No. 1 in the state for poverty and No. 2 for the concentration of lead paint, sees the proposed Mill City Park as a lifeline, Parichand said, adding that the plan, which relies on $2.5 million in grants to create a park along the Winnipesaukee River, could mean “the beginning of our downtown.”

“I think in some places, you know, with 40 years of decay or trouble, it’s harder for people to believe in an identity or path forward,” Parichand told Buttigieg hopefully. “But I think here, we’re making progress.”

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The following excerpt is from Yahoo:
Buttigieg's bus took him along blue highways and back roads, through picturesque towns like Franklin, where he toured local businesses including Outdoor New England.
Owner Marty Parichand told the candidate of plans for a whitewater park on the river that flows through Franklin, and how half the battle was getting people to believe in a small town's future.
"Reminds me of home," Buttigieg said.
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