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Ranger 149 Canoe

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A firm favorite with families and hirers alike, the Venture Ranger is stable, highly versatile, and supremely hard wearing.

Whatever your skill level, the Ranger won't disappoint; its relatively flat hull is remarkably stable whether loaded or bare and allows beginners to progress with confidence or intermediates to push their limits and reach the next level, and thanks to the low profile design you won't have to fight to stay on course if the wind picks up.

Enjoy a trip down a gentle river, take on some whitewater, pootle around a calm lake with the kids or even raft two Rangers together, load them up, and head off on an epic adventure with your closest friends.


  • One Size | Length: 14' 9" • Width: 35″ • Depth: 14.5"Capacity: Less Than 772 lbs • Total Weight: 73 lbs

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