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With the Venture Hunter, your family will all be in the same boat - literally.

The Hunter is a truly versatile load-carrying expert; fill it up with people or equipment and it'll take you anywhere you want to go. A relatively flat hull profile gives the Hunter superb stability, which lends itself well to beginners or those who want their adventure photos to be in sharp focus!

Designed for long distance touring, the Venture Hunter has heaps of space and plenty of speed to help you achieve that next big expedition goal in comfort, as well as being equally at home on a simple family day trip, with enough load capacity for the most extravagant of lakeside picnics or the accompaniment of the most excitable of Great Danes (make sure they have a doggie buoyancy aid though!).


  • One Size | Length: 17' 6" • Width: 34.5″ • Depth: 13"Capacity: Less Than 1,144 lbs • Total Weight: 91 lbs

  • Lifetime Warranty