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Blemished Nirvana Whitewater Kayak

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Kayaks are expensive. This much is true. Blemished boats are a way to save some money.

If you know a smidge about manufacturing, you know there are firsts, seconds, thirds, etc. Blemished boats are seconds. This means that they did not pass their first article inspection. A Jackson Kayak blemished boat is due to having a visual discrepancy, never a structural discrepancy. Nothing about the boat will paddle any different than a brand new first article boat. However, it may have part of a decal missing, a nonstructural scratch, a gray seat installed, etc.

If you have more questions please reach out to the staff, we are here to help. 

The Nirvana brings speed, stability, and maneuverability to any class of whitewater, inspiring confidence like never before. High bow rocker keeps you dry while flying over waves and holes, making the Medium Nirvana a sub-9’ racing machine. However, unlike many racing kayaks, the Nirvana is accessible— both responsive and forgiving— such that it feels at home on everything from beginner whitewater to the most demanding Class-V rapids. If you want a performance inspiring river-running/creek boat that’ll knock rapids down a class, then the Nirvana is the boat for you! 

  • Medium | Length: 8’ 11.5″ • Width: 26.5″ • Height: 14.5″ • Cockpit Size: 34.5" x 20.5" • Volume: 86 gal • Capacity: 210 lbs • Total Weight: 44.5 lbs

  • Large | Length: 9’ 4″ • Width: 27.5″ • Height: 15.5″ • Cockpit Size: 36.5" x 21.5" • Volume: 97 gal • Capacity: 270 lbs • Total Weight: 51 lbs

  • Nalgene
  • Boat Sponge
  • GoPro Mount
  • Unishock Bulkhead System
  • Unlimited Backband Positioning System
  • Hip Outfitting Kit