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2023 Hellbender Whitewater Kayak

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The Hellbender is the most radical whitewater kayak design on the market today. This boat was forged with the desire to create an aggressive, high-performance, slicing machine.

The Verus Kayak team drew inspiration from the classics and applied modern design innovations to create a truly unique kayak, unlike anything you’ve paddled to date. Like all great slice designs, splats, spins and getting vertical is effortless. But you’ve seen that before, and you’ve probably got a great 20-year-old boat for that style of paddling. What sets the Hellbender apart is the narrow planning hull and hard edges that allows for high-speed surfs, righteous pop and radical carving ability on waves. One surf in the Hellbender and you’ll know what we’re talking about. This boat will change the way you look at rivers. From stern squirting the smallest of eddylines to catching the world’s biggest waves, the Hellbender will open your mind to fun and leave you grinning all the way down the river.


  • Length: 7'8"                 
  • Width: 24″                  
  • Volume: 50 Gallons
  • Weight: 36 lbs             
  • Skirt Size: L               
  • Paddler Range: 100 lbs - 220 lbs


As Verus Kayaks ramps up, we will be shipping directly from their facility through the spring months. Boats are ready to go! Our team will be in touch to help navigate shipping.