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2023 Gladiator 2.0 Whitewater Kayak

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The Verus Kayaks' Gladiator 2.0 is the perfected version of a river runner. The Verus team has taken this kayak down everything from cruising class II to charging class V creeks. The Gladiator will prove to be the most versatile boat in your quiver.

Drawing from slalom designs, the widest part of the Gladiator is right behind the cockpit at 27”. This improves stability for beginners and allows experts to make dynamic moves while running challenging whitewater. The displacement hull is easy to roll, forgiving in chaotic waters and above all, FAST.  The new, low-profile stern will spice up your paddling and let you play all the way down your favorite run. Try a Gladiator today and find out what you can unlock from this timeless design.

Length: 8’11”          Width: 27″            Volume: 72 Gallons
Weight: 44 lbs        Skirt Size: XL       Paddler Range: 120lbs- 260lbs


One Size

  • Length: 8’11"                 
  • Width: 27″                  
  • Volume: 72 Gallons
  • Weight: 44 lbs             
  • Skirt Size: XL               
  • Paddler Range: 120 lbs - 260 lbs


As Verus Kayaks ramps up, we will be shipping directly from their facility through the spring months. Boats are ready to go! Our team will be in touch to help navigate shipping.